Introducing: ALEXIS LACE

Alexis Lace is a singer-songwriter based in London, UK. 

She started writing songs at the age of 12 but eventually became a professional actor. During the pandemic, as the acting industry went quiet, she decided to go back to her first love, music. She wrote and released her first album “Oxygen”. While this was a post-grunge record, the lockdowns gave her the time and opportunity to discover new music genres she later decided to explore. 

As she built her own music studio at home, she began producing her own music and working on a second album, “Unapologetic”, which will be considerably different from the first. It will be entirely written, recorded and produced by her, and will draw influences from electronic music, trap, dubstep, hip hop and pop music. 

The album has a tentative release of September 2023, and will be highly introspective, the main themes being personal growth, self acceptance, and individuality. The first promotional single, “I Don’t Like You”, was released on 21.06.2023.”

Instagram: @alexislacerocks

Twitter: @XanderLace




TikTok: alexislacerocks