Words by Rachel June

Their name is Kelly, AKA Kelzz. AKA Kelzz has a powerful voice that reaches the ears, hearts, and minds of everyone who stands by. The soothing and soulful velvet-like notes float from the stage to the crowd easily – and Kelzz’s lyrics are comforting yet real. 

AKA Kelzz recently performed across venues in Brighton alongside musician and producer Rafa and bassist Jey, the trio played in harmony together, uplifting onlookers and pouring energy into the crowd. 

AKA Kelzz

Kelzz is a free-spirited artist who lives outside of boxed genres, their personality shines through as they sing a mixture of beautiful ballads, and upbeat pop tracks with elements of jazz, soul, funk, and spoken word. They started making music with inspirations from artists like Erykah Badu and Jill Scott, warming to the RnB and Neo-Soul scene, and have since experimented with house and higher vibrational music.

When you see AKA Kelzz live, it’s a unified and collective experience between Kelzz and the audience, bringing people in whilst creating a safe space, with good vibes infectiously spread amongst swaying hips and smiling faces. 

Rafa (left), Aka Kelzz (centre), Jey (right)
Aka Kelzz

The more Aka Kelzz started to write and share, the more they felt connected to the audience and sharing life’s realities, hardships and joys. Kelzz has truthful lyrics and a variety of carefully combined elements of music.

Bassist Jey

ASBO magazine got to speak to AKA Kelzz during their time in Brighton for The Great Escape, to hear about their musical inspirations, challenges, and highlights of their musical career, watch the interview below: