Queercore punkers Resting B!tch Face to kick off EP campaign with first single, ‘Straight White Man

Released on 5th January.

Images: Philip Whitehouse

Resting B!tch Face, from Birmingham UK, are kicking off the new year with a bang, releasing the first of three singles, ‘Straight White Man’, on Friday 5th January ahead of their upcoming debut EP, ‘Sounds Gay I’m In’ due for release in March.

With upbeat pop-punk rhythms, major chord melodies and a climbing chorus give a vintage theme song feel to the driven tones despite the deep subject matter, before a protest chant in the bridge calling out with “Not all men, that’s part of the problem; you’re not a nice guy if you have to point it out”.

Kicking off Resting B!tch Face’s upcoming EP promotion in their own unique stylistic blend of pop, punk and rock genres, Straight White Man is sharply unapologetic and witty, packed with energy from start to finish in this tongue in cheek jab at white male privilege.

Written by Joe (Resting Grump Face) and Jay (Resting Vegan Face), Straight White Man is the first of two brand new songs from Resting B!tch Face featuring their lead vocals. Straight White Man, being written from the male perspective, features Jay’s lead vocals acting out a playfully ignorant caricature that gives the lyrics, such as “Come on babe, give us a smile” and “You don’t laugh but I’m so funny; is it cos I called you chubby?”, a comical front to the song’s unapologetic protest against patriarchal norms and toxic masculinity.

Resting B!tch Face has been making a name for themselves through their explosive live performances, captivating audiences with their electrifying energy, vibrant sassiness and infectious stage presence. With ‘Sound’s Gay, I’m In,’ they have successfully channelled that energy into a studio recording, capturing the raw intensity and authenticity of their live shows.

Packed with fierce energy, unapologetic attitude, and a rebellious spirit, ‘Sounds Gay, I’m in!’ is set to captivate listeners and leave them chanting for days. As a sonic manifesto that challenges stereotypes, embraces individuality, and demands societal acceptance, Resting B!tch Face aimed to create a genre-blending sound that is both raw and empowering.

The EP features a collection of five original songs that tackle a range of themes close to the band’s heart, including body-positivity anthem “Cauterize the critics’ ‘ and LGBT/feminist power chant song “Straight white man”. From unapologetic queer pride and the struggles faced by the LGBTQ+ community, to fighting back against fatphobia, racism and misogyny, Resting B!tch Face fearlessly confronts issues often considered taboo in mainstream music. ‘Sounds Gay, I’m in!’ is a powerful statement of resilience and defiance, topped off with a fan-favourite cover of Doja Cat’s anthem, ‘Boss Bitch’.

Website: www.restingbface.com