VINI: Releases Single “Teenage Lullaby”

The talented Thai electronic band, consisting of Beam, Ply, and Fhong, is back with their latest single, ‘Teenage Lullaby’! They are known for their unique mix of upbeat and emotional dance music. In the first step towards a new phase for VINI, they plan to bring a fresh feel and new vibe with ‘Teenage Lullaby,’ which will be the main song on their first album, ‘soirée,’ which is planned to be released in early 2024.

Through this electronic dance music, they express a message of resilience in a romantic style, explaining a situation where someone feels hopeless, which is reflected in the lyrics “living nightmare”. “The lyrics of ‘Teenage Lullaby’ are about a situation where you find yourself at your lowest, surrounded by darkness, with seemingly no way out.”

he soulful lyrics and depth of emotion in ‘Teenage Lullaby’ is what makes it so special. This is the result of the collaboration of all band members and producer, Boom. This song describes the feeling of being in a difficult situation and finding peace with those who are experiencing similar struggles, where these relationships become a source of inspiration and hope. The uniqueness of this song also comes from an attempt to bring a fresh tone as part of a new phase in their first album.

VINI’s latest single, ‘Teenage Lullaby,’ can now be enjoyed on all streaming platforms.