Korean Rising Star BIBI Reveals Catchy Latest Track Entitled ‘The Weekend’


Hailing from South Korea, 23-year-old artist and singer BIBI has become one of the most hotly anticipated new artists in the Korean Pop and R&B scene over the past few years thanks to her various high-quality releases and artistic charisma. One of the fastest rising stars in Korea, BIBI has already gained over one million monthly listeners on Spotify and was included in their “2020 Top 5 Most Streamed Radar Korea Artist’’ list.

She has now revealed her latest track, entitled ‘The Weekend’ , a captivating Pop R&B banger full of passionate lyrics about female empowerment.The track which was produced by Pink Slip and producer duo Max & Kyle is driven by a pop bounce throughout, the instrumental’s drumbeat creates a sound that is upbeat, engaging and dance-floor ready and perfectly compliments the rest of the sonic.

Vocally, BIBI’s performance is brilliant, her smooth vocal style fits the clean instrumental perfectly as her voice weaves within the instrumental arrangements to create a polished pop sound as she riffs on previous relationships and flings throughout. The accompanying visual takes us through a slideshow of Instagram photos of BIBI. These images help show BIBI’s unique sense of style and add a stylish vibe to the video, which along with the polished pop sound of the track form an attention-grabbing aesthetic.

Also included was a secondary Instagram only  video entitled ‘BIBI -The Weekend | Feat. the fans #withGalaxy’ a video that invited BIBI’s fanbase to create their augmented reality outfits for BIBI to wear throughout this secondary video. This ‘featuring the fans’ video helps to connect BIBI with her fanbase and also shows her charismatic personality and the natural beauty of Korea as she struts throughout a vibrant and beautiful Seoul.

Earlier this year, BIBI released her EP, ‘Life is a Bi’, a five-track offering that experimented with a broad range of genres including R&B, hip hop, and alt-pop. BIBI’S charisma, lyrical prowess and storytelling were at the forefront of this project. ‘The Weekend’ has been released via 88rising, a company that promotes Asian and Asian American talent. 88rising has gone from leading a record label to becoming a transformative media company and are now one of the most recognized pan-Asian music companies in the world. ‘The Weekend’ is going to be included as part of 88risings upcoming album ‘Head in The Clouds 3’.

Words: David Pratt

Images: Wecarealot