ASBO speaks to Team WOBIEY ahead of OUTLOOK UK 2022

Team Woibey are a London-based supergroup of selectors, made up of best friends ohmydais, Ell Murphy, Mixtress and Fae. The foursome came together in late 2020 after meeting at a live stream; drawn together by their passion for dance music and yearning for a strong community of women within the London scene.

Photo credit: Sienna Gray

Known individually for their solo pursuits, the group have been making a name for themselves asTeamWoibey-recently supporting Nikki Nair and Farsight on the Scuffed UK tour, securing a monthly residency at Foundation FM and festival bookings at Risen, Outlook UK &Twisted.

With a strong foundation of friendship, fun and championing each other behind the decks; TeamWoibeybringan infectious energy to their sets, whipping the dancefloor into a frenzy with their high-energy multi-genre mixes of UKG, breaks, electro, hardcore, techno & jungle.

Q – So how did Team Woibey originate?

So we basically all knew Daisy separately through the music scene in London, and then we all met for the first time after she invited us to watch her and fae play at a late-night shopper Livestream at the end of 2020. We had that crazy lockdown energy of craving human interaction, so it was a blessing to go to a Livestream – and we all hit it off instantly and were doing our first unofficialb2b by the end of that night! Following that, we were soon thrown into another lockdown but there was a nice feeling of new beginnings that night!

Q – Where does the name of the crew come from? Was it a joint decision?

Yeh so after we all met, we instantly started a WhatsApp group to plan hanging etc, and then one day a typo changed vibes to woibes and then that evolved into woibey and the name just kinda stuck.  

Q – How has your sound evolved since being a part of Team Woibey?

 I think individually we’ve all grown and evolved as DJs hugely in the 18 months since we met – definitely playing together has inspired us all and taken our musical direction in different places and opened our eyes a lot to different sounds. Months of lockdown meant honing in on our DJ skills alone so it has been great to collaborate together and influence each other when lockdown lifted 

Q – What can we expect from a Team Woibey set?

 Multi-genre mayhem! we play a bit of everything and tend to start off at 130 and finish at 160, so we really like to whip the crowd up into a frenzy by the end of a set. We usually do a B4B – 2 for 2 tracks each which is a really fun way to play – so will go from UKG, breaks, to techno, ghetto house, jungle. No stone is left untouched! We love playing everything 

Q – What does Team Woibey Represent?

Team Woibey represents friendship, truth, realness, fun and dancing all night, supporting each other, and championing other women in the scene. We also don’t take ourselves too seriously – it’s important to keep grounded!

Q – How does it feel to be performing at one of the most iconic festivals in the world?

 We’re honestly so honoured to be invited by Foundation FM to play at Outlook alongside such an amazing lineup! Sharing the lineup among some great homegrown artists is amazing.

Q – How do you prepare for such a big gig?

It’s hard to prepare for b4bs but I’m sure we will all dig religiously ahead of the gig to ensure we have the exact tracks we need once on deck  – and then really it’s just a case of vibing off each other on the day and seeing where the set takes us.

Q – For fans who can’t make it to OULOOK are there any other opportunities to hear you perform?

We’re also playing at Twisted festival in august with Shanti celeste, local group etc and have some London and bristol shows planned for later in the year, so keep an eye out for announcements on our Instagram! 

Q –  What are the three key ingredients to make a great track?

Sick beat, fat bass and either a catchy vocal hook or interesting sound  – and the ingredients needed to communicate a message or feeling to you through sound

Q – Which acts are you most excited to see perform?

Sooo many amazing artists on this line up – including a lot of friends and crew from london and around the UK, so we’ll definitely be catching their sets – people like Riz La Teef, Ila Brugal, Mantra – and then also excited to see the dons like Ben Ufo, Pangea, Sherelle and Anz.

Q – What are your festival essentials?

Baby wipes, sunglasses, suncream, baby bells, Lucozade sport !! Plenty of water, comfy shoes for dancing in.