Rising Pop Singer-Songwriter Josie Proto Returns with Latest Track Entitled ‘Problem Child’

Josie Proto
Photo Credit: Alicia McGuire

Hailing from the South of England, Singer-Songwriter Josie Proto has been building a following over the past few years thanks to her entertaining and empowering pop anthems. Known for being influenced by British alternative pop singers such as Kate Nash and Lily Allen, Josie Proto has a sound that has comedic, emotional and political layers with an overall sound that is familiar yet still her own.

She has now revealed her latest track, entitled ‘Problem Child’ an engaging, pop banger that brilliantly shows off Josie’s charisma. The track is driven by a smooth instrumental full of relaxing percussion and deep synths which perfectly compliment Josie’s lush, harmony-laden vocals. Lyrically the track is equally strong, full of emotion, yet perfectly showing off Josie’s personality through its tongue and cheek Lily Allen-esque writing and delivery, Josie exudes confidence throughout ‘Problem Child’

Speaking on the track, Josie has said: “Problem Child is about wishing I could tell my younger self to enjoy being a bit cheeky because you don’t get away with it as an adult! As a kid, a lot of my cheekiness was punished out of me, and now as an adult, people accredit my creative side to being a bit of a wild child. I wish the same people that praised my wild side now, didn’t punish it as a kid, who knows what I could’ve become if it wasn’t so eagerly stamped out. Originally the production was laid back and chilled out, however, we decided to take it in a much stronger and angrier route when it came to the final mix. I have never been this excited to sing a song live.”

The accompanying video perfectly represents the themes of the track, it’s set throughout a school with Josie being an older student surrounded by kids as they play and work in school.  This video brilliantly shows off Josie’s entertaining personality and sense of humour whilst driving home the song’s themes in a cohesive way.

Fresh off the success of her sold-out headline show at The Grace in London in September, Josie is now gearing up for her second London headline show at The Courtyard Theatre in November.

Charismatic, engaging and endlessly entertaining, ‘Problem Child’ is a track that leaves me feeling that Josie Proto is one of the rising pop talents we should all keep our eyes on for 2021 and beyond.

Words: David Pratt