New Release: Ella Tiritiello – I’m His, He’s Mine

Blonde woman dressed in black looking over her shoulder to the camera

Breaking into the pop scene is Swedish pop star Ella Tiritiello. This seventeen year-old who released her newest single I’m His, He’s Mine sings about “…a broken and dysfunctional love story – which many can relate to” Ella explains. The punchy lyrics and Ella’s clear cut quality voice suggests independence. Ella is ahead of her years, with her lyrics discussing relationship ebbs and flows, “I won’t wait in line.” The fun, upbeat pop song has Ariana Grande breaking a sweat, as Ella impresses listeners with her whistle tones. 

She speaks about her experience in the music industry, candidly expressing that “…it was quite difficult at first, it’s a brand new industry and I was not only trying to figure out who I was in my personal life but also as an artist.” Following her success in 2021 when she performed a tribute to the late Avicii, singing For A Better Day I’m His, He’s Mine features on Ella’s EP Younger, alongside her previously released tracks Younger, For 5 6, & Again and Again.

Ella ready to pounce

Following her childhood dream, Ella is clearly beaming since her early success. She says, “I’m so happy where I’ve ended up. It’s something I’ve dreamt about since I was a little kid”. Starting out as a cheerleader and making her way to the Avicii Arena, Ella encourages aspiring young musicians to “…dare to follow your dreams. Don’t care about other people’s opinions. Just focus on yourself!” Despite her initial fear of singing on the stage, her supportive friends and family helped encourage her and she now says performing live is her “favourite part.” 

The creative juices flow in the studio, as Ella enjoys “learning so much from the talented producers and songwriters”.

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