Rock, Metal & Punk: The Great Escape 2024

Words by Rachel June

Just as the sun starts to warm up the city, Brighton and Hove will be beaming with brilliant bands and solo artists sharing their passion with anticipating audiences – expect both established and aspiring artists from around the world, incorporating varying genres and styles, performing across multiple music venues. The festival runs from Wednesday, May 15th – Saturday, May 18th 2024, and you can bet that ASBO will be there to see and hear it all.

If Rock, Metal and Punk music is your thing, these artists performing at The Great Escape are for you.

1. Otherworldly and majestic 7-piece band Battlesnake are theatrical and operatic, along with dramatic powerful lyrics and sickening guitar solos – their music is art. Their bizarre costumes and wild stage energy are a must-see. Listen to ‘Nightmare King’ it’s a true rock ballad reminiscent of Queen and Tenacious D.

Battlesnake photographed by Tom Wilkinson

 2. Among the many indie bands of The Great Escape, Conscious Pilot stands out. Their lead singers has a distinct and uncommon tone, and the band has raw talent that carries a certain nostalgia. Listen to ‘Modern Religion’ to get a taste.

Conscious Pilot photographed by Rosie Sco

3. Teenage Dads, an Australian 4-piece band, mix electronic aspects with indie rock – giving them a special edge. They have light-hearted and cheery music, like the 2023 track ‘Speedracer’ that hooks you from the start. Their music could be a movie soundtrack or one for the road trip playlist.

Teenage Dads photo from Instagram

4. Helsinki Lambda Club are a Japanese alternative rock band, featuring interesting elements of different genres and unexpected pacing. Listen to their song ‘Mystery Train’ with headphones, you can tell this band is a real passion project.

Helsinki Lambada Club photographed by Myriam Hansen

5. AGGRASOPPAR is a mixed-genre band, combining elements of chill, punk, rap and pop with a hint of randomness. They are intriguing to listen to with unexpected elements and true artistry within their music. The band, from the Faroe Islands, are rumoured to be amazing live – their sound is truly one of a kind. Listen to ‘buff & buffet’ to see what we mean.

Aggrasoppar photo from Instagram

6. Cardinals, an Irish mixed-genre band are summery and sweet, yet calming and cool. This alt-rock band has elements of punk, pop and rock and is somehow nostalgic – fitting with their overall vibe. Their song ‘Unreal’ transports you straight to the 60s.

Cardinals photographed by Kalisha Quinlan

7. Stellar vocals and hard rock/metal and punk elements make up the intriguing band Unpeople. To experience their wild metal vocal range and symphony of sound, make sure to see them live. Listen to ‘Waste’ for a spec of their talent. They remind us of My Chemical Romance but with their own unique and refreshing edge.

Unpeople video still by Zak Pinchin

8. SOFT PLAY is a two-man heavy rock/punk band crashing into the scene with wild energy and stage presence. Their hard rock with punchy and powerful lyrics like the song ‘The Hunter’ has ASBO intrigued and excited to witness the magic live.

SOFT PLAY photographed by Tommy Davis

9. Been Stellar are an indie rock band with thought-provoking lyrics and an album that makes you feel like the main character. They sound like early 2000’s emo punk with an indie rock edge. Blast ‘Kids 1995’ – you won’t be disappointed.

Been Stellar photographed by Gabriel Long

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