EP Review: Noah and the Loners – A Desolate Warning

Noah and the Loners are a punk band not just in name but essence. Their brand of punk rock comes straight out of the school of the genre’s classics. You’d be forgiven for presuming they’re just repackaging a time in punk gone and irreproducible. None of that is the case: Noah and the Loners are themselves; they’re not an act; they’re raw and authentic.

The band comprise Noah Lonergen (lead vocals/guitar), Amber Welsh, (bass), Noah Riley (drums), Joseph Boyle (guitar), all exceptionally talented teenagers.

They’ve just released their debut EP A Desolate Warning.

The EP’s opener and the band’s latest single, “Crash Landing” is a roaring call to action. “This calls for another crash landing,” the band sing, “and parliament burning!” They sound like a group of seasoned vets, with Lonergen’s authentic, gritty vocals, and the band’s thunderous drums and basslines and thrashing guitars.

This isn’t angsty teen drivel; A Desolate Warning reflects the thoughts and feelings of a generation often criticized for their apathy.

“Just Kids” follows Crash Landing, and immediately draws you in with its classic punk bassline and angry mob-like chants of, “We’re just kids”. It reminds us that while they might be seen as “just kids”, they are not to be looked down on; they have a lot to say and are fed up with the absolute state that is the UK’s socio-political landscape.

“You Make Me (Fall Apart)” is more gentle than the immediate clanging of the EP’s first two tracks, though it doesn’t remain that way, building up into a sped-up mighty crescendo of raging guitars and militant drums. It develops like a gift that keeps giving and provides a real taste of what is to come with this promising band.

“Losing My Mind”, the penultimate track of the EP, breaks from the more political into the personal, talking about the effects of ill mental health and the way it gnaws at your sense of being and reality.

“Hell of a Day” closes out the EP and is a little more lighthearted than previous tracks. It begins with a dirty sexy bassline courtesy of Bassist Amber Riley and carries us into a riotous anthemic chorus that captures the feeling of an irritating day that just refuses to go your way.

“A Desolate Warning” is a strong debut EP from a young band that are bloody damn good. Yes, Noah and the Loners have arrived, and they compel you to pay attention.

The band have toured with indie-punks the Meffs and had a run of live dates in Europe and the UK. They’ve played festivals including Brighton’s The Great Escape and SXSW in Texas, which they will be playing again this year, on the British Music Embassy (BME), Marshall, and Fierce Panda stages.

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A Desolate Warning is available to purchase and stream on all platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube Music, Soundcloud and iTunes.