Introducing: Souza

Souza are a Stoke based alternative rock band, marching to the sound of well matured electric riffs and a fresh lyrical take on the genre.

Established in 2018, the four piece bring a definitive presence to the stage. Lead vocalist Adam Rogers provides a powerful performance, whilst maintaining an interactive experience for the audience. Supported by his brother Ben and Jack Brassington on guitar, the two combine each other’s unique styles of guitar sound to generate a contemporary Britpop tone. The group are completed by drummer Harry Ball, who provides a strong foundation complimenting and driving each melody.

The brand new single ‘Morning Calling’ will be releasing next Friday 21st July, Morning Calling is a perfect piece twangy guitar Indie/Rock -Pop at its best, Souza are at the forefront of the new brit-pop scene, giving a well aimed kick in the arse to the British Music Scene and infusing some much needed attitude, energy and dare I say it talent, creating a buzz and a trail of fans wherever they play,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,YOU’VE BEEN WARNED

PS if Morning Calling don’t get you up on the dance floor, my advice is to go see your Dr, the chances are YOU’RE DEAD