New Release: Eden Rain – Closer

A Leeds export now based in London, musician Eden Rain releases her latest creation ‘Closer‘. An intimate account of love and loss presented through her heavenly voice and talented songwriting.

‘Closer’ is Edens’s first release since her 2023 EP ‘But I’m Alright Now‘ and takes listeners on a journey as she explores the feelings of loving someone who is struggling with grief. The talented songstress said this when speaking about the sentiment behind the release, “It’s definitely been my most cathartic song to write- I wrote this song about my experience of loving someone who is going through grief. It’s about the feeling of someone being so close to you but unreachable at the same time, the pain of not knowing how to be around them or knowing that you’re powerless in helping them. I wrote it one afternoon with Conway (half-rhymes) and then I cried all the way home on the tube listening to the demo.”

The track comes accompanied by DIY visuals brought to life by the director Jack Britten and the helping hand of Eden’s friends.

The song is a beautifully sombre exhibit of Eden’s thoughts and feelings, paired alongside a comparably beautiful video, ‘Closer’ is available to listen to now and shouldn’t be overlooked.