New Release: Gen and the Degenerates “Anti-Fun Propaganda”

Album cover for Gen and the Degenerates. The back of the heads of all five members looking up at a house with a metal shark sculpture sticking out of the roof.

Gen and the Degenerates are an alt-punk band, driven by a mission to infuse joy into a system drenched in misery and shameless fearmongering. Their lineup comprises Genevieve Glynn-Reeves on vocals, Sean Healand-Sloan and Jacob Jones on guitars, Evan Reeves on drums, and Jay Humphreys on bass.

With the release of their singles “Famous”, “BIG HIT SINGLE”, and album opener “Kids Wanna Dance”, Gen and the Degenerates have released their debut album, “Anti-Fun Propaganda” (produced by the legendary Ross Orton). Firmly establishing the band as ones to watch in the UK punk scene, Anti-Fun Propaganda embodies a delightfully irreverent spirit, filled with soaring guitar riffs, thunderous drumming, and the gritty allure of Gen’s vocals.

The band approaches complex themes like politics, gender, and sexuality with a dose of humour, as evidenced by “That’s Enough Internet For Today, which pokes fun at the ridiculous scramble for social media validation. Title track Anti-Fun Propaganda’s refusal to submit to socio-political attempts at regulating fun.

Gen and the Degenerates pictured in a stylised fishbowl lens standing in front of a blue door with graffiti all over it and the surrounding brick walls.

Or “Girls” featuring Uninvited. A pulsating anthem with playful lyrics that challenge misogyny while celebrating the diverse spectrum of femininity. Backed by a satisfying riff, vibrant drums, and Gen’s raw and dynamic vocals.

“A lot of people do need that spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down”, says Sean Healand-Sloan. “I think a lot of the best art comes from that line of humour and pathos and darkness and colour all at the same time. If we were to summarise the album in a couple of words, it would be ‘worried fun’.”

Gen’s vocals exude boldness, power, and harmony, carrying an authentic edge that underscores the band’s commitment to their message. Tracks like “Kids Wanna Dance” set the album’s tone. “Girls” is their latest single and dropped with a lyric video today.

Closing out the album is “Jude’s Song”, a poignant tribute to Gen’s late aunt. The song deals with grief, and culminates in a moving reflection of Gen’s appreciation of her aunt.

Gen and the Degenerates sat on a park bench surrounded by grass and a large tree and shrubs behind them.

Gen says, “I wanted the first half to [consist of] remembering and talking to her, and the second half to be that point in grief where you can start to celebrate. That’s the last line – ’I don’t know what happens when we die / But I’m glad that for a while we were alive at the same time.”

Gen and the Degenerates have embarked on their US tour supporting Celtic punk legends Flogging Molly, which ends March 12.

Anti-Fun Propaganda is a superb debut and should serve as a clear statement that Gen and the Degenerates are not here for a season but instead very much here to stay.

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