Tv Priest’s ‘One Easy Thing’ is macabre, eerie and comes nicely with a suit of armour

London Rock band TV Priest’s new single is a notable alt rock track with an atmospheric medieval music video that is gritty but darkly comedic.

Centering around a knight who rides into a house in his last dying moments (on a horse that has a ‘P’ written on its back leg which now I’ve told you, you won’t be able to unsee). In black and white the knight is crouches down on the ground then starts, bleeding out. In his last moments he starts dancing like he’s in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Shot on 16mm black and white film by Kristof Brandi the video is atmospheric and dark but with a humorous edge. Whilst macabre in tone the music dances in its chorus, much like it’s knight. The madness of pain are presented in an artistic manor.

The song is dark, a rock with a riff that is pleasant, Charlie Drinkwater’s vocals over the top are reminiscent of Johnny Cash. The song evokes the feeling of exhaustion without being exhausting to listen to.

As a single it’s a good listen to, and the music video is fun to watch. A dark video with a gothic joy that permeates the song, One Easy Thing is a must listen to any alt-rock fans.