LX2 Takes Grime back to it’s basics with his debut project ‘Lost in Transition’


Upcoming Artist LX2 takes no prisoners with his latest release ‘Lost in Transition’. Having just released the debut project to the world; The 4-track ‘Lost In Transition EP’ is a testament to the grime genre, stripping it down to its basic elements, with the artist achieving his biggest streaming numbers to date. 

Known for his aggressive style and raw sound, the Essex based grime and trap MC Manages to turn his bare bones production into a sound that is never too garish, keeping a sense of authenticity that feels rare in today’s try-hard climate.

The EP showcases LX2’s dedication to realism, with lyrics that are full of nimble, intricate raps that seamlessly integrate, and a flow that resembles the style from the early days of London’s underground rap scene. LX2 puts all his focus into hard hitting words and creating an effortless flow, rather than obsessing over superfluous flowery production values. 

With themes that take aim at the irritating trends that Gen Z seem all to enthralled by, lost in transition is strident in its reproach. The 8 minute long EP sheds light on the hypocrisy and ignorance of today’s social media obsessed culture. It’s clever, bleak, bracing, and fully self-aware.

On the third track LX absolutely kills it, the beat and flow coalesce into something lethal. The bars are hard hitting and leave absolutely nothing bare. It has a speedy velocity and just the right amount cynicism to drive through the message, without trying to appear overly-edgy. 

Lost in translation is frank, never airy or pretentious and filled with writerly candour. LX2’s lyrics are succinct, bursting with a bold uncaring sentiment, a slick came-from-the-bottom swagger that is present in spades. There’s a sense LX2 will soon be the name on everybody’s lips.

LX2 has since confirmed via his Instagram page of a trilogy trap mixtape; 2WAVY! V1, V2 & V3. The first instalment is expected to release in summer 2022. 

‘Lost in transition’ is available on Spotify now. 

Words: Dylan Jay Turner