New Release: Fi McCluskey – Empty Space

October may be over but it ended in a burst of magical energy somewhere in deepest Essex. Into the cauldron goes a mind-bending blend of psych, trip hop and a heavy handful of organic folky string arrangements. In a haze of smoke out pops Fi McCluskey’s Empty Space, the lead single and title track from her debut EP!

Fi McCluskey seems to take enjoyment in defying expectations and Empty Space is no exception. An enigmatic flute beckons listeners into Empty Space. Fi’s clear and stark vocals set against a dark cloud of a throbbing bass line. *Beware* by the end of the tune it’s whirling like the worlds going to end. Fi’s impressive vocal chords strike like lightening cracks in a storm of thumping drums, swirling strings and sonic chaos.

Or as Fi puts it “Empty Space is an awakening. To feel empowered, embrace independence and release your inner banshee”

The song paired with the accompanying video is a trip and listeners are invited to wander through the doors of perception. If you’re not expecting it, it will hit you hard. The visually striking video produced by Jack Appleyard shows a witches coven plotting away – a stylised homage to the first ever women executed for witchcraft.

The Irish/British singer-songwriter is coming off the back of a successful year which saw her support Warmduscher at the O2 Forum, write the most successful song on the new Honey Dijon album, on top of headlining the Roundhouse in Camden.

I foresee soaring vocals, challenging lyrics and sometimes difficult subject matter on the full Empty Space EP release when it hits but aside from that listeners are advised to expect the unexpected.

Empty Space by Fi McCluskey is out now

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