10 Questions with Neco London

Neco London

Firstly, could you tell us who you are, where you are from and what you do?

An iconic bitch honey, Neco LDN, Yung King Neco. I’m from North East London and I do music, I’m an all-around creative, I do styling, directing, I’m a bad bitch basically.

When did you first show an interest in modelling and creating music, and who/what inspired you to do so?

I can model, but I wouldn’t say I was a model. With my music, it started because, this guy called WAR BOY wanted to do a song with me, I was like me? Really? But we did it and the song sounded amazing, we did custom made bitch, from there that’s when the music started, the vibe was really amazing.

So in your most recent single, you call yourself a ‘Custom Made Bitch’ can you define what this means to you?

A custom-made bitch is unapologetic with their look, style and approach in life and is unique. 

You have an extremely eclectic and unique style; how would you describe your look and who are your fashion role models?

So, my style is an ‘I’m a bad bitch, I don’t give a fuck’, kind of vibe, but I am a nice person. My style, It’s futuristic and badass. My main inspirations are people like Grace Jones, Prince, I like icons, I don’t really look at the new generation, I always look back to the icons back before me.

If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?

I’d be an Athlete running and training, because that’s what my mom wanted me to be, but that’s not my life goal. God pushed me onto my path, where I was meant to be.

What’s one piece of advice that everyone needs to hear?

Be yourself bitch! Live your life, follow your dreams and be spiritual.

Neco London
Neco London

Your music has a lot of vogueing and ball elements to it, where do you pull your inspiration from in queer culture and how has growing up queer influenced your artistic experience?

I mean, in my music, some of the songs have ‘Ball’ elements, but it isn’t really ‘Ball’ music. It’s a very fashion-focused vibe, with lots of techno influence. I love the ballroom stuff tho, I support the ballroom I love them, I salute those bitches. I’m going to come to the ballroom and shut it down honey. With my music at the moment, I’m being very free-spirited, the tone of my music is very eclectic, I think it has a unique sound. I’m in my own lane.

Fashion-wise, you are an absolute chameleon, evolving hairstyles, colours and references on what seems like every post. Is your approach to style thought out, or does it depend on how you feel on the day?

This is my life; I live like the rock star that I am. This is me, If you know me, people will ask, why do you go to the supermarket dressed like this, girl I do this, I live this life, for me. My style is mine, my mood depends on a look, the look depends on my mood. This is me.

The creative industry has changed so much in recent years; some say for the worse. Do you have any rituals or mantras to deal with the stresses of being a young creative?

Block out all of the negativity, I can say that.

What can we expect to see next from you? Do you have any projects in the works?

So, I’ve got a new single coming out called ‘Dom Top’ I shot a video recently for it, it’s going to be out in August so you can look out for that. The video is very iconic, It’s very gay, very queer darling. Lots of friends are in the video as well.

Check out Neco London’s new single ‘Copycat’ here.‍

Words: Connor Aiden Fogarty

Images: Max Auberon

Styling: Lynn Yang

Fashion: @l.l.yaung  @t.tianyu  @studio_fclx