New Release: ADMT – Wish You Loved You

ADMT Wish You Loved You single review

ADMT’s “Wish You Loved You” is a testament to the power of vulnerability, a reminder that mental health is not something to be ashamed of nor something to be hidden away. Listening to “Wish You Loved You” the expected melodic hooks are attached to lyrics that are a lifeline to those watching a loved one disregard themselves.

Why do you go kick yourself when you’re down? When through the eyes of so many you’re wearing a crown”. ADMT sings over a delicate understated piano intro that allows the lyrics to truly resonate. As the song gains momentum it builds more strength and resolve transitioning in to the chorus where ADMT’s words urge the listener to embrace their own worth.

In a world where social media presents a curated version of reality it’s refreshing to see an artist wear their heart on their sleeve, ADMT’s worked tirelessly to normalize the conversation around mental health and wellness, something that’s been essential to tackle, particularly amongst men.

ADMT’s new release “Wish You Loved You” is an authentic and courageous blend of songwriting and catharsis, putting to music the raw emotions of a situation that many of us find ourselves grappling with daily.

Wish You Loved You” arrives as the follow up to “Without You” which was released earlier in the year. ADMT’s musical sincerity was steadily gaining notoriety, recently however he received a well deserved boost from 50 Cent after covering the American rapper’s song “Best Friend” 50 Cent alerted his followers to ADMT’s talents and since then there’s an enormous fanbase growing by the day.

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