Amber-Simone Reveals Soulful Latest Track Entitled ‘Black, No Sugar’

Photo Credit: Jesse Crankson.

Based in London, Amber-Simone has quickly become one to watch within the cities soul and R&B scene thanks to her extraordinarily strong vocals, multi-instrumental talent and ear for good production. She has recently revealed her latest track, entitled ‘Black, No Sugar’, a passionate, soulful banger filled with an important message. 

The first release from the 23-year-old since 2019’s ‘Glitter’, ‘Black, No Sugar’ is carried by smooth, deep, jazzy basslines, blissful keys and a relaxing drum rhythm, the percussion provided by the band is equally strong, filling out the sound and creating a funk-influenced jazz sonic which compliments Amber’s vocals perfectly.

Amber’s vocals throughout the track are of an extremely high calibre, her voice rides the instrumental arrangements through her lush harmonies and poignant lyrics as she lyrically celebrates her black heritage and sings about having pride in her roots and culture. On the track, Amber has said “It’s a reminder for whoever needs to hear it. You are enough just as you are and your blackness is a gift.”

The accompanying video for the track, directed by Sophie Jones, is a live visual performance. This choice to make the video a live visual really helps to bring home the raw talent of Amber and the band, as we watch them create this nostalgic and captivating sonic.

Growing up in East London, later moving to Hertfordshire, Amber-Simone has been singing since she was a teenager, citing a wide range of influences from The Police, Sade, Tyler the Creator and even 80s Film scores. Mesmerizing, engaging and endlessly listenable ,’Black No Sugar’ brilliantly represents what has made Amber-Simone such an important new voice within the soul and R&B world.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the ‘Black, No Sugar’ live performance which will be dropping with Amber’s next release.

Words: David Pratt