Fashion Scout’s Future Collective Catwalk Show

Fashion Scout’s SS24 Future Collective Catwalk Show takes centre stage during London Fashion Week’s off-schedule events, celebrating and empowering emerging talents in fashion and accessories worldwide. Renowned for its remarkable ability to showcase a diverse and innovative array of designers, this show has garnered significant media acclaim.

Kim Perets, the Tel-Aviv couture maven, seamlessly blends laser-cut technology with handcrafted ingenuity, crafting innovative garments from unconventional materials. After training with industry luminaries in New York and Amsterdam, she launched her eponymous brand, making waves with her debut collection at Tel Aviv’s alternative fashion week. Perets transcends traditional gender boundaries, envisioning fashion as a means of self-expression, as opposed to mere coverage. Her designs celebrate authenticity and comfort in one’s skin, a testament to the artistry of clothing.

Gazal Mishra, an engineering graduate who boldly embarked on her fashion journey in 2015, established her eponymous brand as a celebration of the synergy between passion and purpose. Committed to empowering local artisans and craftsmen, her brand evolved into a haven of creativity and cultural heritage. With a steadfast dedication to sustainable fashion, Gazal Mishra seamlessly weaves intricate artistry with environmental consciousness, harmonizing elegance with ethical values and redefining fashion innovation, one organic stitch at a time.