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HELIKON XX is an emerging brand producing silk scarves with conscious approach of steps towards sustainability to the fashion industry. Producing capsule collection which last long, points on motto: ‘buy less, style better’, where all pieces are digitally printed in uk with lower environmental effect. 

The gender~fluid unique pieces are designed for any muse with any type of body which would be looking for personal artefact. 

HELIKON XX is an art project as well which explores the art scene of dancers, creatives through different fields and it manifests the actual topic of beauty within the creation. 

Scarves are originally painted and designed by Aneta Sebestova who is also a founder of the brand. 

Aneta’s background as a textile designer of prints led her to gain experiences in the industry and she then decided to develop her own brand. For many years she s been designing patterns for companies. The main principle of HELIKON XX was created a safe space for exploration, connection between performative expression and visual present from print design. 

Photography: Sebestyen Bruckner – Instagram: @sebibruckner
Styling and Hair and Makeup: Ieva Narvidaitė – Instagram: @narvidzike
Designer: Helikon XX – Instagram: @helikon_xx
Model: Veronika Magyar – Instagram: @magyarverka