New Release: TIZANE

Album: Forever Is Nothing. Release Date: 23rd June 2023. Record label : Burning Girl Records

Tizane is a native of South-East London, where the smoke wafts down to the borders of Kent. Filled with aspiring middle-class commuters with no real access to commuter infrastructure, it’s a cut off enclave of the M25 carpark. Nobody really gives a damn about Dartford – not even the London Underground tube network can be arsed to swing round!

Forever Is Nothing the long awaited follow up to the 2021 debut album ‘Cherry’, although a more guitar driven record then its predecessor, Tizane has lost none of her ethereal magic, it just wouldn’t be Tizane without.. Forever Is Nothing lead singles enjoyed generous spins and playlistings from top stations as diverse as BBC Radio 2BBC Radio London,  and even Kerrang! and Planet Rock. Forever is Nothing (Released June 23rd) was engineered by ex Vibrator Pat Collier, who boasts a roster of notable production credits like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream and X-Ray Spex. Pat recently stating. ‘I think she’s (Tizane) one of the most talented and gifted artists I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with’

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