RnB, Afro Beats & Rap: The Great Escape 2024

There are just 4 days until the much-anticipated festival ‘The Great Escape’ where Brighton and Hove will be beaming with brilliant bands and solo artists, sharing their passion with excited audiences. Established and aspiring artists from around the world from different genres and styles will perform across multiple iconic music venues across the city.

The festival runs from Wednesday, May 15th – Saturday, May 18th 2024, and you can bet that ASBO will be there to see and hear it all.

If RnB, Afro Beats and Rap music are your thing, these artists performing at The Great Escape are for you:

1.Forest Claudette sings beautifully over chill beats and raps to higher-energy tracks. With an infectious smile and energy, they mix RnB and pop and have elements of rap and chill. In this way, this young talent from Australia is genre-bending and multi-faceted. They have collaborated with the iconic Cosmos Midnight with the upbeat track ‘Borrowed Time’ and have more chill songs such as ‘Creaming Soda’ and ‘Kobe Beef’ we can’t stop listening to.

Forest Claudette‘ Photo from Instagram

2. Highlyy, a young talented musician from Essex sings over afro beat rhythms, whilst some of her music flows and is more chill, her energetic and danceable track ‘Soldier’ featuring Tion Wayne, is an instant replay. Her lyrics feature beautifully intertwined French, English, and Yoruba languages seamlessly knit together.

Highlyy‘ Photographed by Archie Oliver

3. Aka Kelzz, an exciting emerging talent from Birmingham, is not one to be boxed by genre. Their wide plethora of songs includes aspects of alt RnB, rap, spoken word and beautifully sung vocals behind chill beats. Their song ‘FLY’ is bass-heavy, perfect for lifting any mood rain or shine. This artist has soul in their songs – and a clear passion for what they do. 

Aka Kelzz‘ photographed by Denise Kynd

4. Safenath, an English rap musician has impressive and effortless flow. He stands out by his calming clear-cut voice rhythmically and gently bouncing over a variety of background beats. Listen to ‘Deets’, this artist is one to watch as he continues experimenting with new sounds and curating his art.

Safenath‘ Video still by Max Tuite

5. Mrisi is a singer, rapper, poet, pianist and producer from Brighton, and his music is one of a kind. He sings and raps over a variety of musical elements. He hits on hard-hitting and personal truths, and his music stems from a passionate place. He has aspects of chill, rap & jazz, his music is soothing and poetic. Listen to ‘Demons’ for a feel.

Mrisi‘ photographed by STXRM

6. JayO, an exciting emerging artist from London sings beautifully over afro beats and Rnb. He makes the kind of feel-good music that has you dancing and hip-swaying along. Listen to ‘Back’ for an instant serotonin boost. 

JayO‘ photographed by Felicia Brown

7. Haviah Mighty is a fun and energetic Canadian rapper who delivers charming energy, impressive effortless flow and a distinct tone. Listen to the song ‘BIG DRIP’ for a glimpse of her talent.

Haviah Mighty‘ video still by Flee Normality

8. Chiedu Oraka, an MC from Yorkshire raps over danceable beats with powerful truth-filled lyrics. His music has aspects of grime but his unique voice gives him a special edge. Listen to ‘Men Behaving Badly’ for an instant good time. 

Chiedu Oraka‘ photographed by Luke Hallett

9. Prido is a musical artist from Manchester who sings over afro beats, blending traditional Zambian rhythms with a refreshing and unique twist. Listen to ‘Energies’ and sway away into the sunset.

Prido‘ photo from Instagram

Find out more about The Great Escape here.