New Release: The Lunar Keys: 88 TRAIN

Could you be, could you be feeling something? – Could you be, could you be a red light? – 88 Train is passing by – Nothing’s the same for you and I – 88 Train88 TRAIN  – departing from all mayor platforms on Friday, the 7th of July

The Lunar Keys are a four piece from Guildford who comprise of The Steve:  Guitar & BV. Lexi: Keys & BV. JC: Vocals & Bass Dom: Drums. the band journey to explore new sonic landscapes, but remain faithful to those trademarks that helped to steadily build their dedicated following: Addictive hooks, thought provoking lyrics and emotive energy 88 Train is a ride through the fleeting nature of time, fuelled by a desire for connection and a search for meaning: Inspired by their own recent travels and experiences, The Lunar Keys crafted 88 Train as an introspective anthem that reflects the insights gained on their personal journeys. This emotionally charged track invites listeners to embrace he present and to seek deeper connections with others whilst embarking on the thrilling journey of life. Recorded by Billy Foster at Snap Studios and mastered by John Davis (The Killers, U2, Royal Blood) at Metropolis