New Release: Gwamz: Last Night

Today, 22 year old South London based rapper and producer Gwamz has delivered his new single ‘Last Night’ which marks his debut release on RCA Records UK. Gwamz—real name Nathan-Pierre Gyamfi—has only just turned 22, but it already feels as if he’s lived several different lives. He made an early name for himself in football before computers and web design became his passion, but by his second year of university, he’d become disenchanted with the education and its system, and now, at the time when he would have been graduating, he’s struck gold in the music game signing to Sony Music, RCA Records UK. There are echoes of grime and rap’s influence in his slow-and-low delivery, but it’s Afrobeats, Afro Swing and R&B that inspired him the most, particularly H.E.R, Knucks and Burna Boy.