Ricky Dietz are back and ready to make you get on your feet with their new single ‘Yo Rhonda’ featuring dancehall legend Busy Signal.

What do Ricky Dietz and industry giants such as No doubt and Major Lazer have in common?

They have all collaborated with the Jamaican Icon and dancehall legend Busy Signal. This is an undeniable stamp of quality and approval for any dancehall artist.

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Ricky Dietz is a cross-continental collaboration between Pierre Baigorry and Sway Clarke, with both members having had great success in their solo careers, as a member of multi-platinum german reggae band Seeed and writing songs for stars such as John Legend and Tinie Tempah respectively.

Ricky Dietzs new single ‘Yo Rhonda’ ft Busy Signal has proven beyond a doubt that they can not only hold their own as a duo but they can confidently stand alongside some of the best in the industry.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that together the duo have created a certified dancehall banger in the form of their new single ‘Yo Rhonda’.

The track displays an infectious beat which almost dares the listener to try and stay still.  From the second the beat to ‘Yo Rhonda’ begins it is all systems go!

The listener will go from subconsciously giving a little head bop and a two step, to the point where you will be up on your feet dancing your ass off and very aware of the fact that it was this bop that brought you to your feet.

By the time Busy Signal jumps in the song is well into its full flow and will no doubt have dancehall lovers all over the world shaking every part of their body and losing their mind at just how upbeat and fun the song is.

I am certain that this song will become a staple of carnaval playlists for many years to come, and we are certain that Ricky Dietz will be spoken about in the same vein as many of the heavyweights they have worked with in the not too distant future.

‘Yo Rhonda’ ft Busy Signal is out on the 18th febuary on all major platforms, just in time to add to your weekend party playlists.

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