Plumm’s interactive performance rises spirits at The Crypt

South London singer-songwriter and multi-talented musician Plumm is recreating the idea of genre with her eccentric, ‘genre-less’ music.

Plumm isn’t your ordinary singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, hailing from South London and proud of her Welsh roots, she sets to create an energy wave through the use of her self defined ‘genreless’ music.

It was a cold night when I arrived for the show, which I can only describe as that warm feeling of coming into your grandma’s living room, as I descended into the basement of camberwell’s tasteful Jazz venue ‘The Crypt’.  A number of couples were chatting softly between enjoying a bowl of Thai noodles, friends were catching up over a series of drinks and the twilight of it all was centred on a small wooden stage. Moody lighting frames the Plumm band for an intimate performance, one that she says is a favourite from this year so far.

What felt special about that night was the space, Plum says “ I think it added actually to that communal sound, both the audience was able to see everything as well as participate in the gig. All four of us valued this as we’re quite extroverted musicians.”  In a moment towards the end of the set,  pop and clicks resonate in an invisible table tennis game of sound between Plumm and the audience. Rather candidly Plumm admits that “I’ve been making this silly sound since I was a kid, why not invite the audience to join me in this moment of innocence”

Talking further about her identity as a musician, Plumm is also part of the Levitation Orchestra a huge band that is made up of 9 other talented musicians. During a show, she says “theoretically you know how it’s going to end, what was so beautiful that night is I had no idea how that happened”. Perhaps it comes from the excitement of being able to express yourself. Dreamy keys sail viewers along a river, to join on a metaphorical journey that you can only really go on during a 2hr long set. In her words, she mentions “You know, that’s such a massive factor where it shouldn’t be this kind of binary like, this is the artist and then this is the audience,  it’s so nice seeing when that bridge gets dissolved, creating a comical element in a performance is reaching out the conversation between everyone, not just the musicians”

If you missed Plumm this time, you can catch her over at Peckham Audio on the 28th of May. Tickets are available here , her next EP is dropping on the 28th too!

Check out the Levitation Orchestra here.

Words: Karla Liz Hunter

Pics: Eddie Aidoo