Kite Thief is a high-voltage expanse of catharsis; an ecstatic space of rage, and a playful moment in time to lose yourself, without fear. Emanating from Bristol, the five-piece blend their diverse influences with the spice of disrupting & confronting toxic social norms. Their melting pot of intoxicating melodies, pummelling rhythms, & unrelenting riffs forges a captivating vibration that you can’t help being absorbed by. Influenced by the likes of Spiritbox, Holding Absence and Vukovi, Kite Thief’s music invites the listener to face their darkness, whilst simultaneously empowering through acceptance, understanding, love and having as much fun as possible! Trailblazing through the UK scene, Kite Thief leaves a sweet but gritty taste in every city they call upon. Come in and take a bite, we know you’ll like it.

Elin – “Ambiviolent is a very special song, it is our EP title track for a reason. This is an outlet for our existential crises, a channel for our frustration of ‘what the fuck is going on in the world? Is what we are doing even worth it? What is the point in anything in times like this?’. The song embodies our trying to come to terms with all this, in an attempt to make some sort of meaning out of our seemingly insignificant lives while we navigate through all the chaos and destruction. I don’t think we have got there yet, I don’t know if we ever will, or if anyone ever does, but the only way we know how to try is by putting it into music, almost like a handwritten cry for help to the universe.”

Catch the band at an upcoming show:

22.02.24 Birmingham – Subside – FREE ENTRY

23.02.24 Bournemouth – Bear Cave –

24.02.24 Plymouth – The Junction –

25.02.24 Swansea – The Bunkhouse –

29.02.24 Bristol – Rough Trade –

01.03.24 London – 229 Venue – 

02.03.24 Norwich – B2 Venue –

03.03.24 Guildford – The Star Inn –

14.04.24 Takedown Festival

*17.05.24 Worcester – Marrs Bar –

*18.05.24 Bridgwater – Cobblestones –

*19.05.24 Aldershot – West End Centre –

10.07.24 2000 Trees Festival