A duo many were expecting, Charli XCX and Rina Sawayama team up to make pop track ‘Beg For You’, that is filled with nostalgia for a past love and era

With Charli XCX gearing up for their album CRASH, Charli has teamed up with the indie darling Rina Sawayama to release the song Beg For You. It was produced by Digital Farm Animals and this competent track feels like a radio track from around 2015. 

The crisp and clean drum loops put over the top of a bright and peppy synth hook which feels straight out of the Calvin Harris and Avicii era of pop music. Beg for You is a warm song that harkens back to a more footloose era pre-pandemic, of summer of festivals before the age of lateral flow.     

With lyrics that talk of missing a past flame ‘Can I take you to the airport/ make out under the bathroom light’ Charli XCX’s lyrics are fleeting and itinerant, evoking the feeling of a quick fling. It’s fun pop even if Rina Sawayama is lost a little in the mix.  

This track feels out of time, hailing from a pop era long gone but missed by some. Beg For You feels anthemic, a track for the beaches of Ibiza to be the background to a summer of festivals. 

Words: Peter Wellman