South-West London’s AdzMilli Returns with Latest Track Entitled ‘By Myself’

Photo Credit: Elliot Hensford

At only 18 years old, multi-talented, rapper, singer, producer and songwriter AdzMillli has been building his name throughout the UK rap and R&B scene over the past few years. Known for his fusing of melodies and rapping, AdzMilli has cemented his name as one of the hottest new voices on the scene. He has now revealed his latest track, entitled ‘By Myself’ an upbeat, melodic banger perfect for the summer.

The track is driven by an instrumental filled with lush guitar samples which complement the deep bass creating a sound that draws you in and keeps you engaged through its multi-layered,captivating sonic. Vocally, AdzMilli’s performance is very strong, his upbeat, clean vocals weave within the instrumental arrangements perfectly, complementing each other throughout as he lyrically reflects on former mistakes, past lovers and nostalgic memories.

AdzMilli is a charismatic artist. This is reflected brilliantly in the video which features AdzMilli walking through London having fun with his peers including recent chart-toppers A1 and J1.

Speaking on the track, Adz has said “It’s about the realities of a modern-day relationship… It’s based on personal experience and me turning a negative into a positive through music. It means a lot to me as many feel a connection to the song like I’m speaking their truth if they might not be brave enough to do it, or if they think they go through it alone.”

Adz has had a very musical upbringing as he says “My Dad’s into the jazzier side of music — he’s good with the instruments — and I have two older brothers that were rappers too.” With Adz citing artists like Dizzee Rascal, Jorja Smith and Tory Lanez as musical influences alongside what his family showed him.

With a high level of artistry, charisma and personality, AdzMilli’s looks to have a huge career ahead of him, with ‘Be Myself’ already setting a high standard of what to expect from the 18-year-old.

Words: David Pratt