ASBO Meets: Pool Girl

Pool Girl is the new pseudonym and artistic project of multifaceted creative Allie Nixon. The talented songstress has embarked on her new journey as Pool Girl and has released her first single ‘I Liked It’, her mesmeric dream pop style makes her the perfect listen on a summer’s day with indie electronic production mixed with soft melancholic lyrics. Having released her first single as Pool Girl at the end of last month, it was a perfect time for ASBO to meet the Californian native.

How Would you describe ‘Pool Girl’ to an alien?

Hmm assuming this alien has prior music knowledge/taste, I would describe Pool Girl to be an new indie electronic artist that has lots of synths arps, dreamy guitars, and present lyrics/melodies. I would say it sounds kind of melancholy with a hint of beachy in it. Hopefully, they would get that?? Haha 

Why The name ‘Pool Girl’?

A few reasons! The name is a subtle nod to my family roots — my family on my mom’s side all clean pools. It also has a little bit to do with growing up in proxy to a bunch of wealth, but not experiencing it first-hand. It reminds me of someone who works at a fancy pool — you’re kind of adjacently witnessing this whole lifestyle, but you don’t have the freedom to indulge in the amenities. And the last reason, I just really liked the name haha. As soon as I thought of it I was like “Oh yep, that’s it” without any doubts. Anyone who knows me knows it’s pretty perfect. 

What was it like growing up in California, and how did it shape the person and artist you are now?

It’s definitely shaped a lot! I’m very much a California girl in the sense of the hobbies I have are so basic CA — I love surfing, swimming, pretty much anything outdoorsy/beachy. I also very much have a laid back ~ it’ll probably work out~ mentality towards a lot of things in my own life. But honestly, I would say most of my artistic self has been shaped in the cities I’ve lived in. I’ve been in Los Angeles for the past 6 years and had a small stint in London before that, and I think both of those cities shaped me a lot. All the art museums, concerts, dinner parties, park days have brought so much inspiration into my music — and just being around so many other creatives, you can really feel the electricity sometimes and it’s contagious. 

With the upcoming release of your debut EP ‘Trophy wife’, how would you like it to be received?

Well, it’s a very personal project haha. I wrote a lot of these songs when I was down bad from some life stuff, and I know it’s cliche to say this but genuinely I did find a lot of healing in working on this project. So that said, obviously it would be dope if it resonated with people. That would be so special. Not just in the lyrics, but in the music. 

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Well I have a few more singles coming out, and then the rest of my EP will be out late this summer. I’m planning on doing some sort of EP release show when it comes out which will be fun. But yeah I’m currently working on my live set, and writing a new batch of songs — so those two things will be my main priority for the second half of the year

What stages or achievement do you dream of reaching?

Honestly 5 years ago I said if I just released music that I’m proud of that would be enough for me. And in the core of myself I still really feel that — I just want to make cool shit and be proud of it, that dream has definitely expanded and evolved over the years. I’d love to tour, I haven’t done that yet. I definitely dream about opening for an artist or band that I’m a fan of. I don’t necessarily have one specific achievement or stage I want to be at, but at this point I’m not really half assing this haha, so I do hope I can build something sustainable.

Pool Girls’ debut single ‘I Liked It’ is available now and can be heard everywheere you get your music.