New Release: Something in the Lake – Listener

A cream background with seven thick black lines that look like they were done with a thick graphite marker are smudged down the middle.

London-based young musical geniuses Something in the Lake return with their new single Listener. An emotive, layered track, Listener is another great drop from the experimental wizards who have been making their presence known following the release of their successful first EP, Numina.

The band self-produced Listener. Two of its members are students of production at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music, and their artistry and skill are very much heard loud and clear.

It’s hard to place the band in any one genre. You might hear later Radiohead in their offbeat arpeggios and drums. You might think “Mars Volta” because of the length and epicness of the tracks. You might ruminate on math rock while considering the layered guitars and polyrhythms. You might recall Talk Talk, particularly the Laughing Stock album.

The band themselves, who met at college in Croydon, describe their sound as a combination of folk, electronic, experimental and jazz. There’s loads of jazz in the harmony and drums. They cite some of their musical influences as Radiohead, Portishead, Aphex Twin, Nick Drake, Pat Metheny, Bill Evans and Slint. Elements of these artists are felt throughout, yet the band maintain a unique sound.

Their instrumentation features clean guitars with lots of reverb, and at times gorgeously haunting vocals from Leon Benson, who describes Listener as “a reminder to let go and take a step back inside yourself whenever you feel you’re going against the grain.”

The band have already made their mark live, with performances at festivals and venues including Nile Rodgers’ Meltdown, New Cross’ Amersham Arms, where they did a three-night headline live residency, Manchester Gorilla, Brixton Windmill, Sebright Arms, Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes, Live at Leeds, Neighbourhood Weekender and The Geroge Tavern.

Listener is a superb track to help build anticipation for their second EP. There is no question where Something in the Lake is concerned as they are undoubtedly set to continue to rise.

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The music video for Listener is out now

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