Meet: The Gulls

Words by Rachel June

Photos by Freja Drewek

Photo by Freja Drewek

Brighton-based rock & roll trio ‘The Gulls’ have been performing for fans across the UK. They mix rock and roll with blues, funk, folk and psychedelia – and the band consists of charismatic frontman Will Fairhead, skilled guitarist Kilian Aubertin, and cheeky drummer Tali Knight. Influenced by icons of the 70s, including Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, the band features storytelling within their lyrics (inspired by Bill Withers and Bob Dylan). Their musical expertise, sublime sound, and truth-filled lyrics are relatable and fun.

ASBO got to meet and experience their solo gig at The Prince Albert in Brighton on Friday, March 22nd, and at Patterns Brighton on Wednesday, April 24th, where they supported one-man-band and rock and roll/blues legend Cam Cole. The Gulls naturally lifted the crowd, jamming together in style, strumming and drumming satisfyingly in sync. The band “have each other’s backs” as musicians and friends which can be felt in the atmosphere when they perform live, like kindred spirits soaking in the adventure – bringing the audience along for the ride.

“From the beginning, know what you want to say, and then just fucking say it. Find the thing that you love to do, and get you and your band inspired by creating fun opportunities for yourselves. Don’t wait for other people to do it for you, because chances are it aint gonna happen.” (Will Fairhead)

Frontman Will and guitarist Kilian first met in London amidst the rock blues and folk scene, joining forces with drummer Tali after “he turned up at a gig, jumped on stage without rehearsal, and started jamming out! He was an instant fit”. 

“I can feel better days when all of my worries will go away, and nothing’s gonna stop me feeling good.” ‘Nothings Gonna Stop Me Feeling Good – The Gulls’ (2023)

They love to travel, performing across the UK, where their free spirit can be felt in the tight-knit community of fans, full of musical zest and a light-hearted approach to life. Their favourite pastime is busking around their hometown Brighton and bringing joy to the people around them. The Gulls’ wild rock and roll escapades include performing on the streets of Glasgow at 3 am “whilst crowds hang off fences and jump off walls”.

Photo by Freja Drewek

Look out for new and exciting music, cool music videos, and the third instalment of the Robin Hood Tour, which raises money for food banks across the UK, and follow The Gulls’ journey here: 

“Expect rebel concerts in the biggest cities across the city. You better be there.” (The Gulls)