Get Ready For: The Great Escape 2024

Words by Rachel June

Today is the day that The Great Escape 2024 begins! The festival runs from Wednesday, May 15th – Saturday, May 18th 2024, and you can bet that ASBO will be there to see and hear it all.

The city will be beaming with excited musicians sharing their hard work and passions with excited audiences, performing across multiple venues in Brighton and Hove.

ASBO has chosen our final 9 picks that we can’t wait to see live and share with you. This category is mixed, showcasing artists from Pop, Indie, RnB, Jazz, Shoe-gaze, Soul, Dream-Pop and Electronic.

1. Unapologetically unique Ray Laurel is one to watch, their voice perfectly harmonising over beats and melodies. They have an incredible vocal range with exciting and enchanting energy. Their work incorporates RnB and indie but has a real special edge. The track ‘COCONUT PERFUME’ excellently produced by JONAH features romantic lyrics and chill but danceable beats.

Ray Laurel photographed by Annie Reid

2. Big Sleep are an Italian/Irish band, with indie-pop music that encapsulates a familiar yet unique sound. Their interesting musical elements weave beautifully with their harmonised voices. Giving 60’s energy with a modern twist, their music is wonderfully uplifting. Listen to ‘Easy’ and you’ll never turn back.

Big Sleep photographed by Liam Mccafferty

3. Modern Biology is the peaceful and nature-inspired sounds of Tarun Nayar, a Canadian musician who uses synthesisers and other equipment to hear nature’s notes. Tarun pushes the boundaries of music and art, resulting in a beautiful creation of gentle and soothing sounds. The result is carefully curated pieces inspired by different times and places, like ‘Aegean Sea’. What a wild guy!

Modern Biology photographed by Dhruv SK

4. Michael Diamond, an electronic-jazz musician, DJ, and Doctor creates smooth and infectious music – and the song ‘You like Jazz’ is simply soul-boosting. The type of music that has you grooving into the early hours, or dancing in the sunshine. Pure immaculate vibes only.

Michael Diamond, photo from Instagram

5. Unflirt is an alt-indie, pop and shoegaze-style artist from London who started making music during the pandemic. She has the voice of an angel, and her relaxing and peaceful songs are perfect for romanticising your life. Her thought-provoking lyrics are dreamy and beautiful like ‘Crush’. 

Unflirt, photo from Instagram

6. Irish singer Darren Kiely creates songs have that feel-good energy, with poignant lyrics and his distinct voice which dances over gorgeous melodies. He reminds us of Ed Sheeran in his hay day, but Darren’s raspy voice and Irish accent make him stand alone in his own right. Sit back and relax to the track ‘Time To Leave’.

Darren Kiely photographed by Matthew Berinato

7. Lizzie Berchie from Newham UK could be the next Lauryn Hill – her soothing tone is a mix of RnB, soul, jazz, and chill – listen to ‘Pass Time’. Her voice is the kind which transcends time, and you can listen to her while studying, travelling, and hanging out with friends. Lizzie is a true talent that we can’t wait to see shine.

Lizzie Berchie photographed by Safeen James

8. Liang Lawrence is a singer and songwriter who takes aspects of pop and indie, and her voice is clear-cut and dreamy. Her catchy and beautifully pieced-together music tells a story, like ‘(Not) A Love Song’. She reminds us of old-school Katy Perry but Liang has a distinct tone and style. 

Liang Lawrence photographed by Cedric Tang

9. Eaves Wilder, an exciting emerging UK singer and songwriter, whose music sounds like dream pop, shoe gaze and electronic combined – brings nostalgic energy to her songs. Listen to ‘I Stole Your Jumper’, it gives 90s movie vibes.

Eaves Wilder photographed by Holly Whitaker

See you there!

Find out more about The Great Escape here.