NIA ARCHIVES’ ‘Luv Like’ : JUNGLE is your new best friend

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Ok listen;

Not many words, double bass on DnB, dub and bits. Nia’s making massive moves: the new jungle sound flows, she was born for this. Layering brings us right back to old days. Drums were fresh and free, now Nia sings them through us.

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Photo: @shotbymelissaldn

Refusal to sit at the side and watch. Refusal to be denied her creativity. One young woman from Leeds swims her ocean of influences, emerging on a wave tall enough to saturate our tired cultures with love and drums and bass. MUSICALITY IN THE SOUND.

The revolution moves quick, catch her new EP ‘Forbidden Feelingz’ on March 10th, with her own label ‘HIJINXX‘.

Photos: @shotbymelissaldn