Taura Lamb is soundtracking your nostalgic noughties deep dive with ‘Revisions’

Up and coming British singer and producer Taura Lamb isn’t one for taking her foot off the gas. Ever since relocating from the midlands for South London to study music at Goldsmiths, Taura’s love for music production and songwriting has grown just as much as her talent has.

She comes to this EP off the back of writing credit for the absolute dance bop that is ‘Tied Up’ by Julian Perretta and the Magician, as well as her own debut EP ‘Lucky Girls’ from 2020, which she wrote and produced, showcased her vast array of talents.

Taura is back with her latest offering ‘Revisions,’ a cheeky 10 track nod to the noughties. The album was conceived during the first lockdown and is an example of what can be achieved with nothing more than Zoom and a whole lot of talent. Such is the way of the modern world that Taura didn’t even meet many of the collaborators on the album face to face. 

The result of these collaborations is a soft yet effective sound headed by Taura’s inviting vocals and nostalgia inducing production. Unlike her debut EP, which was completely created by Taura, ‘Revisions’ was worked on by many creatives, who helped Taura enhance her own sound and create the silky R&B pop album she was looking for. The album takes the listener on a journey of growth and self discovery, you can hear how Taura becomes more comfortable with her own feelings and desires as each track passes. Having already seen support from BBC, Spotify and Apple Music, it seems that we aren’t the only ones enjoying the musical trip to the noughties.

 At the forefront of the album rollout is the lead single and album curtain closer ‘Love Song.’ The song is a tongue-in-cheek side-eye to a crush who took too long to let you know that your feelings were reciprocated. She recounts the familiar overthinking, not letting someone in and the pouting frustration of finding out that you actually had a shot. Clean, Tash Sultana-style lead guitar carries the track, while the video pokes fun at the entire genre of love songs, recreating iconic album covers, all, of course, featuring Taura. 

Other stand out tracks from the album include ‘New Normal’ which arrives about a third of the way through the album and offers a distinct change of pace and quick witted lyrics. ‘Distractions,’ a collaboration with Chloe Martini, sees the pair lay all their feelings on the table. The track exemplifies the growth that happens throughout the album, to the point where Taura will have no qualms or apologies about what she wants or how she feels.

Overall ‘Revisions’ is an easy to listen to carefree creation from one of the countries most talented up and comers. ‘Revisions’ is out now and available to stream on all major platforms.

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