Streetstyle: Liverpool

Issue 17 Images by Dave Knight @ bold_street_guy

Name: Myles . Age: 23. Occupation Actor & Musician. Likes: Everton FC. Fluffy Bed Socks in Docs & A Good Pint Of Stout. Hates: Being Awake Before 10.Scratchy Socks In Flipflops & Fruit Flies. Film: Mickybo and Me Rum. Music: Sodomy And The Lash by Sally Maclennane.  Club: Pubs over clubs (Peter Kavanagh’s, Liverpool) 

Name: Alicia. Age: 20. Occupation:  Administrator in a Law Firm. Likes:  Going To Gigs, Cats.  Seeing My Boyfriend & Friends. Hates:  Hot Weather, Being Late & Primark On A Saturday. Film: The Evil Dead Franchise, Most Specifically Evil Dead; Dead By Dawn. Record: Lilith Immaculate by Cradle Of Filth. Club: Pilgrim (more of a pub)


Name: Lilly. Age: 19.Occupation: Student. Likes: Doctor Who. Sleep & Cheesy chips. Hates: Men. Crosby Beach & The Beatles. Film:  A Three-Way Tie Between Rocky Horror. Moulin Rouge & Practical Magic . Record: Ride the Basilisk by Johnny Cosmic & the Night Terrors. Club: Temple of Boom

Name: Danny. Age: 21. Occupation: Film Student & Bartender. Likes: Plants. Loud Music & My Guitar.            Hates: The Price Of Cheese. People Who Say They Don’t Get Hangovers & Getting Asked To Chill.             Film: Almost Famous. Record: Candy By Paolo Nutini     Club: Café Soudgarden (Amsterdam)

Name: Kelly Kiss. Age: 19. Occupation: Bartender. Likes:  Motorcycles. Blue Eyeshadow & Vodka Cranberry. Hates:  Incles. Maths & Physical Activity. Film:  How To Marry A Millionaire. Record: Wild One by Suzi Quarto. Club: Not A Club But Arts.  Name: Tyler Kristoffer Reppion. Age: 20. Occupation: English Student/Bartender. Likes:  Coca Cola. Jesus & Deftones. Hates: Moshers, Raspberries & Nike Tech Fleece. Film:  Black Snake Moan. Record: Pink Floyd’s the Wall.Club: None of them

Name:  Felix. Age: 24. Occupation:  I’m a musician, currently playing Bass in a band called MNNQNS (Mannequins) for the last 6 years. We released a couple of albums and been on tour all around the world.       Likes:  The Beatles, Vintage Musical Gear & Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Hates:  Rain, The idea of not being singular & People who fart in front of you while in the crowd during a live show. Film: Clockwork Orange’ by Stanley Kubrick. Record: Misery Is A Butterfly by Blonde Redhead for the album and If I Needed Someone by The Beatles for the Song. Club: For partying I’d say the club in the basement of Le Palace Theater in Paris that is now closed. Warhol, Bowie, Jagger etc. used to go there during the 70s/80s. Club night. For the gigs, Le 3 Pieces Club in Rouen, it is quite like a second home to me and run by the beloved Thierry, Pierre and Tomito.

Name: Deka. Age: 21. Occupation: Trainee Equine Podiatrist, Gorelesque Performer, Bartender & Go Go Dancer. Likes: Adventure Time, Sleeping & Dairylea Dunkers. Hates: Hate is a strong word, but I dislike Wall-E (terrifying), Bread With The crust Still On & Mountain Drew. Film:  At The Moment it’s The Lorax,   Record: Waste of Myself by Malevolence. Club: I don’t really go out at all but I really like museums :))