What if there was no Underground scene? A world without subcultures

The underground scene has become a fuel to my existence, I can’t believe there was a time in my life where I complied and was ignorant to the underground reality. The scene is an expressionistic riot, it has its own system and its own anti-philosophy that’s embedded in a lot of people’s ideologies in the scene.

I wish I could capture that feeling of riot whenever I go to underground events, but it’s something very metaphysical. I’d say it’s the ambiance and the experiences that really keep the underground sanctuary intact. What If there was no underground? What if there were no socially alienated individuals? No rage and expression ? What would youth culture be?

The Underground scene is its own ecosystem and I really believe the main faces of the scene are ethnic; their experiences of cultural disbalances and that emotion manifested in their art, music, skating, poetry or whatever, brings a sense of reality and also fantasy in this life. There’s so much to be inspired by.

The scene is deprived of credibility, I find it insulting seeing that pieces of the culture are being engulfed for short term pleasure. We need that darkness, that rage. We need that rawness that can’t be engulfed by anyone and everyone, we can’t be devoured and chewed and commodified!

I went to the Amersham Arms a couple days ago to see a friend, Sheiva, perform. Sheiva is of Iranian descent and performs alternative rock and punk soul music. it’s so inspiring seeing that emotion they brought onto the stage. The way they express themselves with such non conformity to anything but themselves. It’s that c’est la vie vibe.

Society dictates too much; anything done outside the parameters of that social psyche leads to othering, it’s a rebellion, a tiring one, we have to fight to be ourselves. The underground scene has allowed me and so many others be ourselves.

Words and pics: Blue Kizozo