VIDEODROME: VOLA Break My Lying Tongue

VOLA have announced their new studio album ‘Friend of a Phantom,’ which will be released via Mascot Records on 1 November. Today they also reveal the official video for their new song, “Break My Lying Tongue,”

With the announcement of the new album, they have revealed the video for “Break My Lying Tongue.” The song showcases VOLA’s signature blend of introspective lyrics and intricate soundscapes, offering a deep dive into themes of misalignment and emotional vulnerability. With its haunting melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, it stands out as a powerful and evocative piece.

Known for their innovative approach to progressive metal, VOLA continues to captivate audiences with their blend of intense rhythmic complexity and poignant lyrical narratives. With this perpetual evolution, the pressure doesn’t consume them. “There is always the pressure of continuing to climb the mountain,” reflects Janzi. “Embracing change and whatever new chapters may wait around the corner is a way to make life more enjoyable.”