VIDEODROME: Life In America – Roe Kapara


Roe Kapara releases his new single ‘Life in America’, a rail against the rat race and a bleak appraisal of corporate culture and condemning its die-at-your desk mentality. Amidst its eerie acoustic melody, Kapara utilizes his cutting imagery to articulate the attitudes of a generation of clear-eyed disaffected youth. 

Kapara’s motivation for crafting “Life In America” was deeply personal. “I initially started writing ‘Life In America’ after my mom was let go from a job she held for over 20 years in order to increase the company’s bottom line,” he shares. “It was a major wake up call for me, seeing a loved one lose their only source of income. I think the song was a way for me to let out my emotions, or maybe it was my way of trying to spring people into action to try and make a change.” 

Roe Kapara is a complete creative when it comes to conceptual inspirations and visuals. Cinematically executed, often bizarre imagery sees Kapara play with aesthetics referencing death, religion and decades gone by. Inspired by film, the 90s, and the cult horror genre, he is more than a musician but anall-round creator and one of the most captivating young artists in the game