New Release: Malka  PA TI PA TI

A fusion of Reggaeton, Latin, dance, and pop is set to take the UK by storm thanks to Malka and her debut single PA TI PA TI. The UK charts are more diverse than ever before, with the success of Afrobeats and the influence of Kpop, but the Latin touch has been missing for some time, and it looks like Malka will be the one to bring it back. Malka was born and bred in Spain, and now lives in London. She’s no stranger to diverse cultural sounds, and musical traditions; she danced Flamenco at school and enjoyed the sounds of Reggaeton and Arabic and Hebrew songs. She’s worked hard on her unique sound, even working with Latin producers like DUKUS and Pascal Nanlohy to perfect it.

Lyrically, PA TI PA TI blends English and Spanish, and carries a strong message of female empowerment. The chorus “Nada aqui pa ti” means “nothing here for you”, and is a call to action of sorts, telling girls they don’t require male attention to be validated.

Malka has been making her live music mark playing festivals and gigs; on 19 October she played the Half Moon, Putney, Boxpark Wembley on 2 August and opened for CECIL 26 May at LAYLOW, West London. She’s already amassed 80k followers across Instagram and TikTok, and those numbers are most definitely due to grow: From beginning to end, PA TI PA TI will have you on your feet swinging your hips and throwing your hands to its infectious rhythm.

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