Haviah Mighty Reveals Bass-Heavy Latest Track Entitled ‘TESLA’

Photo Credit: Yung Yemi

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Haviah Mighty has been on a roll since the announcement of her upcoming Stock Exchange mixtape. Having released various critically acclaimed singles and a highly-praised freestyle on popular US-based Hip-Hop station ‘Sway in The Morning’, she has now revealed the latest track from her upcoming mixtape. Entitled ‘TESLA’ the track is a bass-heavy, rap driven cut which shows off Haviah’s charismatic personality and skill on the microphone.

The track, produced by Young Dreadz & Haviah Mighty is driven by a deep bass throughout which carries the instrumental, strings and keys are laced all over the beat creating a multi-layered instrumental which keeps you engaged. Vocally, Haviah’s rapping is of an extremely high-calibre, her charisma, cadence and confidence on the microphone is infectious as she lyrically highlights the things in life she feels on her way to achieving.

On the track, Haviah has said ‘“Being fresh off the high from freestyling on Sway in the Morning just a few days earlier to performing in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles…all of this solidified something in my mind – the idea that I could really achieve this. The only thing I have to do is continue to work hard. One thing I’ve always worried about is being stagnant and only being recognized for the last thing that I’ve done, so maintaining this work ethic has to be a focal point for me.”

“While much of this song talks about the things that I feel I’m on my way to achieving, some of which being those nice-to-have material things – for me, these things are symbolic of something more abstract – a lifestyle that I couldn’t fathom prior.”

The accompanying video is heavily inspired by video games, Haviah drives throughout Toronto in various cars, winning lots of races whilst weaving between other cars and the Super Mario inspired CGI obstacles. ‘TESLA’ was initially inspired by Haviah’s experiences on her first US mini tour which took place just before the pandemic set in, with her writing her first lyrics whilst fuelled by Los Angeles sunshine.

‘TESLA’ is the latest single from Haviah’s upcoming mixtape entitled ‘Stock Exchange’ which is following from Haviah’s 2019 Polaris Music Prize-winning album, 13th Floor. Stock Exchange is an international focused album, with collaborations from various artists from around the world from UK grime artist Yizzy, US artists Jalen Santoy (Way Too Fast) and Old Man Saxon (Antisocial), to Toronto artists TOBi (Good On My Own Tonight) and Grandtheft (Avocado), with more to be revealed down the line.

Engaging, entertaining and endlessly-listenable, ‘TESLA’ perfectly represents Haviah’s high-calibre rapping and charismatic personality and is a perfect teaser for her upcoming mixtape.

Words: David Pratt