Charli Taft is here with her R&B banger ‘Wish I Could’


Singer songwriter Charli Taft is back with her latest single ‘Wish I Could’ from her upcoming album ‘DLUXLIFE’ out April 8th.

‘Wish I could’ is the perfect throwback to the early 00s, Charli Taft’s silky whistle notes and catchy chorus, will send the listener back to the days of double denim and low-rise jeans. Charli cites icons such as Brandy, Faith Evans & Mariah Carey as some of her biggest inspirations and it is very apparent throughout the song just how true that is. ‘Wish I could’ is a nostalgic break up anthem that would not look out of place in any of her inspiration’s earlier albums.

Charli has touted the 90/00s era of RnB as her favorite era of music and she has successfully encapsulated that essence in her latest track. The track even got a finishing touch from GRAMMY winning producer Daniel “Obi” Klein and Johannes ‘Josh’ Joergensen, so was there ever any doubt that Charli was able to create this certified bop with established stars like that by her side?

Such is the dedication to capturing the 90/00s essence, that even the music video itself looks like it could have premiered on MTV at that time. Charli was able to infuse her love of dance into the music video in a way which felt authentic to the sound and really adds an extra element to the overall experience.

Words: Dylan Hannigan