New Release: Aasher – betray me

Whether you’re in Rome, London, LA or even Timbuktu, if you’re a hip hop head or a backpacker then you should know that North Carolina rap artist Aasher has been in the lab cooking up something special with his new cut betray me. That might get you jumping around if you’re a fan of Aasher, and it’s recommended particularly if you’re a fan of Kendrick Lamar or Kanye West. If you like storytelling at about 120bpm with some tight bars then check it out.

Diving deep into a tale of deception 21 year old Aasher explores feelings of sadness, regret and betrayal. Initially inclined to vengeance Aasher checked his temperature and vented instead. The beat hits hard – co-producer Woodpecker has collaborated in the past with Young Thug, Lil Tjay, $NOT and now with Aasher to bang out the anger in betray me.

Aasher says “…I found it better to express myself through a creative outlet. The betrayal was something that opened my eyes to the duplicity from those closest to me, but it also pushed me into exploring new soundscapes for this new era of my music – picture gangbanging on a Sunday.”

You don’t have to be vexxed to vibe off these verses. betray me is out now