New Release: Subculture Hydro Ft Chelou

Out 18th August 2023 via Twisted Hearts Record

London producer/artist Subculture shares his latest single ‘HYDRO’ ft. Chelou, released the 18th August ‘HYDRO’ injects itself into existence with its thumping bassline and nonchalant adlibs, building into a Psych-Rock/Trip-Hop frenzy of live drums, sirens, guitars and chopped samples. Subculture recruited long-time collaborator Chelou to help channel both of their inner Beck/Red Hot Chilli Peppers to create a sonic palette referential to much of the music from their youth. The release comes alongside an explosive music video depicting a 1960s fictitious Subculture planning a heist with his unlikely crew followed by an adrenaline-fueled chase – directed by Harvey Williams-Fairley. ‘HYDRO’ has already received it’s first sync on the ITV show ‘Maternal’ and is the first single from his latest EP ‘Mauve Rain’ – scheduled for release 22nd September 2023.

When speaking about the single, Subculture says: “With the intention of going deeper into the music of my adolescence, HYDRO was the first of what was to become of my latest EP and a re-exploration of the psych, alternative, indie and punk music that shaped my youth. Playing in bands as a younger person and always unable to capture the energy of our live shows in our recordings, we obsessed over the idea of working with a music producer. Years on I find myself at a turning point in genre culture and beginning to re-explore the imperfections and nuances of these genres, approaching rock music like a Hip Hop producer. My good friend Chelou shared his own version of this nostalgia when I invited him on the track and did an amazing job of helping me capture that cross-section we both felt.”