Canadian-Cameroonian Songstress Erockfor Reveals Latest Single Entitled ‘Sacral’

Photo Credit: Candice Pantin

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Erockfor is one of the most entertaining and unique voices within Montreal’s burgeoning afro-jazz scene, due to her distinctive vocals and seductive style. Following on from the positive reception surrounding her previous two singles, ‘I Thought You Loved Me’ and ‘I Don’t Want You Back’, she has now revealed her latest single, ‘Sacral’ and sensual and confident offering which is the latest from her upcoming debut album, PHOENIX, which arrives in October.

The track, produced by LA-based electronic musician Blaire Michael is driven by an electronic bounce with hip hop inspired drums, both which fuse together to create an engaging and addictive sound. The instrumental perfectly complements Erockfor’s unique vocal style which really helps to fill out the sound of the track and keep you engaged.

Sacral is named after the ‘sacral chakra’ which is supposedly the core of people’s emotions and feelings. Lyrically centered around themes of pleasure, creativity and sensuality ‘Sacral’ represents everything Erockfor had to relearn about herself after leaving her toxic marriage.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track and how it came together Erockfor has said, “A few years into my move to Korea, I started doing burlesque and that gave me so much confidence. It made me feel sexy, and it’s an energy I channel during my performances. ‘Sacral’ is a sexy song but it’s also a divine song, and as I explore on the track, those concepts aren’t mutually exclusive. I wanted the song to feel celestial while also giving off the feeling that you’re skipping through a forest, noticing every fruit and leaf along the way – a sensual, God-filled experience”.

After spending six years living in Seoul, Korea, Erockfor has now moved back to her hometown in Montreal, where she has been working on her debut album entitled ‘Phoenix’ which arrives in October. The album explores her journey between moving to Korea, the breakdown of her relationship and where she is now. With a genre-bending fusion of sounds from jazz to pop to soul and afrobeat. Erockfor’s creative outlets extend beyond music, with her also being a burlesque performer, actress and poet.

Seductive, invigorating and attention-grabbing, ‘Sacral’ is a perfect reflection of Erockfor’s varied soundscape.

Words: David Pratt