The Greeting is collaboration of Irish bands  Big Generator & pMad who release their debut single NEED which is an inspired and powerful slice of grunge. Combining the best of both groups, musically & lyrically.

Big Generator have always been regarded as somewhat of a benchmark of how a band should sound and perform in their native Ireland and have toured the world with the most amazing acts and on their own.

pMad is the post-punk gothic rock artist from Ireland and has now released two successful albums ‘Who Why Where What’ and ‘I in Power’.

The mix of both acts create a formidable rock sound with thoughtful lyrics and a catchy theme.


War, Hate, Distrust, Propaganda, Bullying and all the horrible attributes of life, we don’t need it!! We have seen it all and it does not make us happy, let us break the cycle and stop the unhappiness!!

1: For someone that is yet to discover ‘’ The Greeting’ and how would you describe yourselves.

    The Greeting a grunge indie rock band combining the best of pMad and Big Generator musically and lyrically. Bringing the rawness and dark side of pMad and rock skill of Big Generator to create a powerful blend of genre.

    2: What inspired you as an artist?

      Being from two different backgrounds, Big Generator being influenced by the great rock bands of the then and now, Pearl Jam, Seether, Metallica to Offspring while pMad would come from it from the indie side of things, Pixies, Dinosaur Jr, the Cure, Depeche Mode. The love of music is what inspires us and what is possible. pMad has his stuff, Big Generator have theirs but there is room in the middle for both!! Hence, The Greeting.

      3: What is your process for preparing to perform live? Do you have any Diva demands?

      Not a Diva between us except…….. we shall not mention the names to protect the not so innocent. A good hair brush needed, Tayto crisps and the like, we are easily pleased!! Maybe have stuff in bigger writing these days so we can see what each one’s job is as selective deafness is highly probable in The Greeting. Isn’t that right ……..

      4: Where do you feel you fit into the music landscape?

        Good question, what is the musical landscape anymore? So much music being released, so much good music too. And then people hear what they hear. The Greeting have got massive compliments for ‘Need’ but the comparisons have been from 80’s metal to Nu-Metal to 90’s Grunge, so people will hear what they hear and as long as they like it, well what does it matter. The Greeting is only delighted to get our music out there at last and are proud to have made some huge stations around the world already. Hopefully the world is crying out for The Greeting!!!

        5: What are your favourite musical genres, and are there any you dislike?

        We love good rock music on all side, pMad would be more indie and darker music and Big Generator the more well rock know bands but not always. They surprise me sometimes, when they say, did you hear this!! pMad would also have more new music in the catalogue as pMad has a radio show and a playlist show going on each each. For people to this there is no great music being made these days need to listen to Meryl Streek, The Major Resolve, Xero Hour, Def Nettle and so much more. Great music didn’t stop being made in the 80’s or 90’s.

        6:Where did the name come from?

        The name of the band was always covid created. Though I always wanted to be in a band called ‘The …….’ like The Smiths, The Cure, The The, etc. So with all that happened in covid, the way people greeted each other all change, from not hugging to fist pumps, to not shaking hands to elbow something, whatever that was. So I came up with the name The Greeting. So I got to be in a band called ‘The …..’ 

        7: What would you say is your greatest strength as an Artist?

        The mix of genre and experience. pMad and the naïve way he works & not seeking perfection (as there is no such thing) and the experience, skill and professionalism of Big Generator. We push each other and not afraid to say if we like it or not! Looking at a project from two completely different views but with the same goal. Works quiet well really.

        8:What would you say is your greatest weakness as an Artist?

          There is no greatest, we are all weak at something but the joys of a band, we have someone else that is very skilled in that area and every area. Not afraid to work together and tell each other too when it isn’t working.

          9: What can fans expect from your debut single ‘‘NEED’.

          Strong, well produced and rocking good tune. It has a catchy element that will you singing throughout the day. The trick as always is to get people to hear it more than 5 times, then it sticks!! What people expect and what they get can be two totally different things, fans of pMad & Big Generator will be surprised with the mix that has been created between the two sounds. Hopefully they will enjoy, it has got a wonderful reaction so far anyway and we are delighted!!

          10: What music artist would you say have influenced your work?

          We want to make music we like and of course our influences come into it! Big Generator would have AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Nirvana, Soundgarden sound brought to the table and pMad bringing Sisters of Mercy, The The, The Wedding Present and the like, so you do get a diverse range of influences.

          11: Who would you most like to collaborate with artistically?

          Bring that The Greeting is a collaboration band of Big Generator and pMad, we’d think three is a crowd!!

          12: What was your worst performance?

          We don’t believe we ever gave a bad performance, that would be for others to decide. We go out an give 100% all the time, we are The Greeting and the audience deserves a good show, no matter how we feel. Once on stage all is forgotten from our own lives and we transform in The Greeting!!

          13: What was the most difficult obstacle you have ever faced and how did you overcome it?

          Life in general, everyone has their own personal battles. Ours are now different to everyone else, we try to do the best we can each day with the hand we are dealt.

          14: What is your creative process when making music. Do you work with others or is there just you?

          We work better together and that is why The Greeting exists, it takes a bit longer as it is no longer just one or two in the studio. And waiting for people to commit to a piece can be slow but we get there. Took a while but we want well produce music! And we think that is what we have put together as a group.

          15: Where do you see your musical career in 10 years?

          Let’s just get through this year and the next!! With The Greeting, pMad and Big Generator there is so much going on at the same time and separately that we probably won’t feel the 10 years going!! Hopefully we will all still be around to enjoy it and still creating for The Greeting, pMad and Big Generator.

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