New Release: amillionsons

“AMILLIONSONS are thrilled to announce the remastered re-release of their album ‘the first one’s free,’ due for worldwide release on all streaming platforms on September 22nd 2023.

Amillionsons, originally described by the BBC as ‘fast becoming one of the most exciting bands to emerge from the British dance scene since Massive Attack’ and known for their iconic international no.1  Balearic anthem ‘Misti Blu,’ are no strangers to the music scene. The track, the last record to be personally signed by Pete Tong to FFRR, left an indelible mark, featuring the illustrious Taka Boom along with her sister, Grammy Award winner and Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer, Chaka Khan and their brother Mark Stevens, and even a cameo from radio 1 DJ Mary Anne Hobbs in its music video. 

Originally launched in 2005, ‘the first one’s free’ suffered from distribution issues due to label complexities and the unfortunate demise of Pinnacle. However, this album has stood the test of time and showcases their creativity and genre-blurring artistry.

‘The first one’s free’ is a collection of 14 tracks that weaves a tapestry of sonic exploration. Notably, the album boasts reverently irreverential sampling, including references to The Simpsons! The album’s re-release is an opportunity to appreciate their vision that, due to unforeseen circumstances, wasn’t fully realised upon its initial launch.’