Single Review: Guilty by MOSES

words by Gracie King

The London rock quartet ‘MOSES’ have returned with a new single ‘Guilty’ ahead of the release of their third album of the same name later this year.

Lead singer Victor Moses (the namesake of the band) once again shows he is unafraid to test the limits of his high pitched almost soprano voice and its contrasts with the music the band as a whole produces, their sound, coined as, “like rock music, but boulder” is a testament to this. 

Other members of the band include Matthew McCrilly (drums), James Creighton (bass) and a guitarist who provides that charged-up, electric bridge that switches up the song perfectly without leading it astray, Otta Bayley. 

To answer one of many questions MOSES poses to his listeners, “Will you listen to my song?”, the answer is yes and over again – its addictive bassline and drums paired with that guitar-heavy bridge as previously mentioned make you listen again and again, the perfect song to scream along to – “You’re guilty, You’re guilty” in a packed venue with pints flying, mosh pits crashing and amps blasting. 

 ‘Guilty’ provides listeners with essential reverb rock guitars and a strong bassline. The band have gained support for their previous projects from the well-travelled grassroots circuit of the UK and like many bands shows the importance of these venues to the lifeblood of independent rock music in this country.

The track is a classic example of British indie rock, although I would argue that this may not be the standout track from the upcoming album – but it’s enough to draw listeners in and give them taste of what is to come. 

MOSES is the quintessential indie rock band and their perseverance has not gone unrewarded, with 22.3k monthly listeners on Spotify and a whopping 11 million streams on their most popular track ‘Cause You Got Me’. ‘Guilty’ has all the backing to reach such lofty heights in the world of streaming, but with a fresh and recharged attitude that will no doubt bring this band to the forefront of London’s indie rock scene. The track has also been played on the notorious Radio X, only bringing more hype for the release of this new album. 

Keep your ears firmly to the indie rock ground for the upcoming release.

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