New Release: Sike by Idle Tongues

Words: Pigeon Jon


After what seems like an eternity of beige, bland reality pop stars, out of the gloom come Idle Tongues a power house of talent, The 60’s had Joplin, The 70’s Smith, this era has Natalie Allan frontwomen for Idle Tongues who is one of the rear artists whose vocal style comes along once in a generation and becomes the voice of that generation.

Having only announced themselves in August 2023, the band have released two singles to critical acclaim along with a third release in May and have been tearing up venues across the southwest, including support slots with Bristol legends Mother Vulture and Cornish giants King Creature.

Idle Tongues new single ‘SIKE’ is a perfect blend of Blues & Rock and is going to be the anthem at every summer gathering & festival , this is just the start, Idle Tongues are set to conquer the world, the band may be relatively new but talent speaks for itself. Check them out now and in years to come in the old peoples home you can bore your grandkids with stories of I saw …………………………… just like your grandparents do about the 80’s